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Outdoor Join In and Jiggle


Here’s the plan: We’ll bring the (sterilised) equipment, songs and activities, you bring the child/ren and a blanket and we’ll all keep our fingers crossed for the sunshine! What can go wrong?!?!

If you’re interested, email and we’ll add you to a WhatsApp group (don’t worry, it’ll be one where only the admin can comment, so you won’t be inundated)! We’ll then message with the session day, time location and booking details and, for now, there will be five spots up for grabs at each session.


Book here through Hoop or Happity
Hope you are all managing to keep calm and well during this really tricky time. Yesterday morning, I trialled an online Jiggle class with a few regulars. 
What a joy it was to see everyone up and dancing!
It felt really lovely that we were, to all intents and purposes, ‘hanging out’ together. For the first time in a few days, I didn’t think about Covid-19 for 30 minutes and it felt great.
So here’s the plan…
Following some really positive feedback, I’ve decided to run online sessions on a Wednesday, from 10-10.35am.
All in it together
Join In and Jiggle has never been about me being a great musician or singer. I always wanted to run a class which felt like we were ‘all in it together,’ as parents and carers of young children. A place where we could:
  • make friends
  • have a giggle and get things wrong
  • get our children up and moving and learning about the environment
  • introduce rich vocabulary and language through song
  • not worry about how tone deaf we might be!
So, ‘Log In and Jiggle’ is now here with the same objectives. 
A safe space and a cuppa
It was really great to be able to see each other before yesterday’s session and be able to make a cuppa while we waited for everyone in the safety of our own homes. 
We were able to do this by using Zoom. For now, this is the platform I will use to deliver the session, as it allows us to be together for an unlimited time in the interactive way I want these sessions to delivered.
Fancy it?
To take part in a session, you can book on through Hoop or Happity.
Please aim to be logged on five minutes before the start of the session and ‘bring:’ some instruments, a blanket, some cuddly toys, a scarf/ pompom and a couple of things that can be fashioned as rhythm sticks!
The techie bit…
You will need to download the Zoom app to take part. During the trial, a couple of folks used an HDMI cable to link their computer to their TV and found this beneficial (I, on the other hand, found it a bit embarrassing that they could probably see the stains on my kitchen sofa!)
So, there we go. I feel as nervous as I did on the day I started Join In and Jiggle three years ago, but also excited to see how I can adapt my small business in such uncertain times.
Sending love and best wishes to all of you. Hold your little families tightly and “keep jiggling!”
Anne (19.03.20)