Meet Anne

Why I started Jiggling…


I’m a fully-qualified primary school teacher, specialising in Early Years.  I decided to put my teaching career on hold to raise my three children, Barnaby, Iris and Wilfred, and in doing so I realised that the tricks, songs and games I employed in the classroom helped my three to develop an early love of language and movement.


My first Join in and Jiggle session was pretty quiet. A couple of supportive friends and some local trailblazers, who were willing to give it a whirl and didn’t object to my dubious vocal skills. But we had fun and the children came away with some new favourite songs. Cut to two years later and I’ve been lucky enough to sing, dance, play and jiggle with hundreds of children and their carers at venues across Wandsworth.  Every new term and season brings different songs and games with it, so we all stay fresh and dodge the monotony of row row row your boat… again and again.


What started as a class to make the most of my teaching skills and experience, has grown into something that brings me huge amounts of joy and pride. From nervous toddlers who step away from their adults for the first time, to the news of a new baby that we’ve all watched grow for nine months, every session brings something new. I want to thank everyone who’s ever jiggled with me, it’s an honour to be part of your journey as a family.