Welcome to Join In & Jiggle

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Led by a fully qualified Early Years specialist and primary school teacher, the sessions have been tailored to include circle games, singing, musical instruments, a parachute, props and lots of bubbles.

All ages welcome.

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Indoor Join In and Jiggle


Week commencing 21st September we will begin our transition back to indoor venues. On Mondays and Wednesdays we will now be jiggling at The Selkirk, Tooting. Classes will start back at the NEMCA soon.

For more information please see News and Events.

Outdoor Join In and Jiggle


Here’s the plan: We bring the (sterilised) equipment, songs and activities, you bring the child/ren and a blanket and we’ll all keep our fingers crossed for the sunshine! What can go wrong?!?!

If you’re interested, email joininandjiggle@gmail.com and we’ll add you to a WhatsApp group (don’t worry, it’ll be one where only the admin can comment, so you won’t be inundated)! We’ll then message with the session day, time, location and booking link for Happity

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